Elan Mehler of Newvelle Records

Jack DeJohnette, Leo Genovese, Esperanza Spalding, Elan Mehler and Marc Urselli ©Paul Yanshyshynadj

Frank Kimbrough Cover jpegNewvelle Records is a new vinyl only record label Launching in the spring of 2016. Using a curated subscription model the first years crop of six albums includes such artists as Jack DeJohnette, Noah Preminger, Frank Kimbrough, Ban Alison & Don Friedman. A series of albums for 2017 is already in the planning stages.

I expected my interview with co-founder Elan Mehler to be all about business and marketing demographics. Instead we had a long conversation about finding an economic vehicle to create a high quality product and empower artists. Artists retain the ownership of the masters and may release them later as they see fit after a waiting period.

A KIckstarter Campaign is underway for the first years pressings here.

Newvelle Records