A Treasury of Rhode Island Jazz and Swing Musicians



Dennis Pratt
Tom Shaker










In November of 2016 I had the opportunity to have two interviews with the authors of A Treasury of Rhode Island Jazz and Swing Musicians, first on Tuesday morning on my WRIU radio show Jazz Explorer and again on that Thursday evening taping for the public access cable program State of the State. This podcast is adapted from the radio show, mostly because the sound quality was better but also because the interview on video for State of the State is available here.

The authors: Dennis Pratt who is a bassist and educator has played in Southeastern New England since the 1960s knows the circuit and many of the players well, Tom Shaker hosts a radio show on WICN in Worchester MA and teaches. He is also working on Do it Man a movie about the Celebrity Club, a jazz club in Providence in the mid 20th century.

The book is visually striking and features many vintage and unpublished pictures of jazz clubs and performers in Rhode Island. It is somewhat of a yearbook or a study in anthropology as well as a reference and is best dipped into over time.


Special thanks to Greg Abate for permission to use Filthy McNasty from his album Horace is Here.