Tim Ray returns to: Piano, Bass and Drums

Tim Ray on Piano

The first time I saw the Tim Ray Trio perform was as a part of Greg Abate’s quartet at  Chan’s in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. They played a set as a trio before Greg came on. What I was impressed with the most was the way that they played together as a group, always listening and interacting to each other.
The trio consists of Tim Ray on Piano, John Lockwood on bass and drummer Mark Walker. Their new album, Windows is the first album that Tim has released with a traditional jazz trio since the 1990s. He also performs and records with Tre Corda a trio featuring cello and trumpet and has an album of solo piano (his second) coming soon.



Oscar Perez: Blurring Lines of Afro-Cuban, Jazz and Classical


Oscar Perez at Piano
Oscar Perez


Born and bred in New York of Cuban and Colombian descent pianist Oscar Perez recently released his third album Prepare a Place For Me. His music has been called Post Latin although I get the feeling that he really doesn’t like the term. To him genre is a continuum that he uses to shape his music. More straight ahead jazz than his previous work the new album is infused with an afro-cuban feel in a more cooked down and basic way.

We talked about: genre, balancing his life and music, the musicians he plays with and large group playing, balancing entrepreneurship, music and creativity. Oscar is articulate and easy to talk to and we covered a lot of territory.