Newport Jazz Festival 2016: Photos

Taking pictures wasn’t one of my main objectives at the Newport Jazz Festival this year and this isn’t very inclusive of what went on there. Even if I had tried to document it comprehensively, I couldn’t have there was just too too much going on.

It was funny, last year I took a lot of pictures. A week later I was looking at the blog post of a professional photographer who had documented the festival. It was as if we had been to two different festivals. Of all the acts that we had both seen there was only one that we both had pictures of.

I’m not a photographer, these are just the best photos that I took.

The First Interview – George Wein founder of the Newport Jazz Festival

George Wein via Skype

It is sort of fitting that George Wein is the first interview on this site. As musician, club owner and finally as a festival promoter he has done so much to shape the culture of jazz today. At 89 he is still actively involved in the Newport Jazz Festival hearing and approving all the acts.

We talked about the beginnings of the Festival in 1954 and the troubles that befell it in along the way. We also talked about his current role in the organization and how jazz and it’s culture are evolving.

This interview was recorded on July 7th 2014 and broadcast July 8th on WRIU FM in Kingston RI.

The Newport Jazz Festival web site: Continue reading “The First Interview – George Wein founder of the Newport Jazz Festival”