Damon Smith Talks About Improvisation, Composition and his Move to Boston

Damon Smith recording with Alvin Fielder
Damon Smith recording with Alvin Fielder

Jazz is a pretty small niche in the music industry and free improvisation and new music, often considered as jazz in this country is a very small subset indeed. Damon Smith has found a way to excel and thrive in a very small puddle. As well as being a virtuoso bassist, his Balance Point Acoustics label features a who’s who of musicians play in that genre.

Although I’ve been listening to improvised music for years my conversation with Damon opened up a whole new avenues for appreciation a whole new ways to think about sound and composition.

We talked about:

  • His recent move to the Boston area via Houston and San Francisco
  • Improvisation and composition
  • Bass and instrumental language
  • His work with Henry Kaiser


Music used in this podcast:

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  1. Privilege to hear and get to know the creativity of Damon now here in Boston. In fact, presenting him along with legends Joe McPhee and Ra-Kalam Bob Moses and the wondler Jeb Bishop on Trombone 4-23-17. Don’t you have a calendar your readers can access to learn about concerts in New England? Nothing came up linking to that title on your web Also have a show coming up on 3-3-17 featuring Boston great Charlie Kohlhase. Thanks!

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